Wolf hunting as a hobby (part II)

img_4991In this post, I would like to explain more about the process of hunting according to what my dad has explained to me.

If the hunters are lucky enough, two or three wolves are dispatched as a result of a collaborative work. However, it is very hard even to entrap one, because these animals are very clever and know how to trick human beings. My dad told me some real-life situations he has faced while hunting. And I would like to share them with you. Continue reading “Wolf hunting as a hobby (part II)”


Wolf hunting as a hobby (part I)

img_4988Kazakhstan is a paradise for hunters, where almost all types of hunting exist thanks to its location and climate. However, wolf hunting is the most common, and it has been my dad’s hobby for many years (15 wolves in his personal record).

So, as his daughter, I would like to explain how local men hunt and spend time away from their busy lives.

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Why was Kazakh Valentine’s day invented?

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Every year on February 14th all the couples across the world celebrate Valentine’s day and Kazakhstan is not an exclusion. Annually, there is a boom in sales before this date and I assume that it should be the third most profitable time of the year for the shops in Kazakhstan, following New Year and Women’s day. Continue reading “Why was Kazakh Valentine’s day invented?”

Kazakhstan as an attractive place for expatriates

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People, who are less familiar with the country sometimes ask if we still live in “yurts” – a type of camping house. Surprisingly, for some, we do not. We do not ride horses on the highways either. Yes, we do have highways. So, eventually, they realise we are a pretty developed country. Continue reading “Kazakhstan as an attractive place for expatriates”

Did anyone say “Borat”? (part II)

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What about the reaction of Kazakhs to the scandalous comedy? Well, as we have many patriots, almost everyone was furious to be called a citizen of a country full of prostitutes, ugly, poor and uncivilized. However, minority did not care and, on the contrary, thought it is a good advertisement for our country. So did our first and for now last President, Nursultan Nazarbayev, think. Continue reading “Did anyone say “Borat”? (part II)”

Did anyone say “Borat”? (part I)

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Kazakhstan was not considered to be a real place and was little known across the world after its independency was announced back in 1991. However, since the British-American comedy film “Borat” by Sacha Baron Cohen was screened in Toronto film festival (September, 2006) for the first time, now every second foreigner immediately shouts out “Oh, Kazakhstan-land of Borat!” after having heard the country’s name. Continue reading “Did anyone say “Borat”? (part I)”