Kazakhstan as an attractive place for expatriates

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People, who are less familiar with the country sometimes ask if we still live in “yurts” – a type of camping house. Surprisingly, for some, we do not. We do not ride horses on the highways either. Yes, we do have highways. So, eventually, they realise we are a pretty developed country.

Nowadays, Kazakhstan is in the process of rapid development. It is considered to be the best place to start a business because the country is like an empty canvas in need of painting. International expatriates are always more than welcome. Many investors are attracted to come and invest in new plants, because there is plenty of land. Moreover, all the elements of Mendeleev’s periodic table are present and scattered across the territory, which means there is a huge potential for every kind of industry.

One of the important things to take into consideration in case you want to come and do business here is cheapness. Living in Kazakhstan is comparatively inexpensive, e.g. bread (30 cents), petroleum (50 cents per liter), apartment ($880 per m2). Low-cost utility bill at the end of a month is also a big bonus. Besides, if you are a foreign expat, your salary will be twice or even more than the locals’.  It is usually tax paid and comes along with housing, pension and medical allowances by the company. But be aware that there is lots of bureaucracy. You will have to deal with your work permit and similar documentation periodically. The situation gets worse when you will not probably find any English-speaking worker in the administrative organs, so be ready to spend some extra money on translators ($15/hour).

In conclusion, I would say that Kazakhstan, in particular Astana, is a very attractive place for expatriates, especially now when EXPO-2017 will be held there. So if you are interested, this summer is a great opportunity to visit and see how the capital is handling such an important task and receiving guests from all over the world.


If you are interested and want more details, check out this brochure.