Why was Kazakh Valentine’s day invented?

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Every year on February 14th all the couples across the world celebrate Valentine’s day and Kazakhstan is not an exclusion. Annually, there is a boom in sales before this date and I assume that it should be the third most profitable time of the year for the shops in Kazakhstan, following New Year and Women’s day.

However, since the last decade, many sceptic politicians and celebrities started expressing their thoughts against this day in media. So, they invented unique Kazakh holiday of love and named it after a young couple from a tragic love legend, Kozy Korpesh-Bayan Sulu. Starting from 2011, April 15th was officially celebrated in the county for the first time as a national day of love.

But here comes the question. Why some people were against Valentine’s day? The chairman of Parliament answered a few days ago: “It comes from West, hence does not correspond to our traditions and mentality”. Well, if western culture and way of thinking do not correlate to ours, then why children of almost all the Kazakhstani politicians study there, including his son? Why not just let people celebrate this beautiful day with their loved ones without complaining?

Anyways, Valentine’s day is still celebrated because it was settled down from the Soviet era, even if the government is trying hard to encourage people to celebrate new love holiday more by organising different concerts, competitions, activities at schools, etc. Let us see how long would it take to surpass the wide celebration of Valentine’s day. Meanwhile, the nation has now one more special day to celebrate love.