Wolf hunting as a hobby (part I)

img_4988Kazakhstan is a paradise for hunters, where almost all types of hunting exist thanks to its location and climate. However, wolf hunting is the most common, and it has been my dad’s hobby for many years (15 wolves in his personal record).

So, as his daughter, I would like to explain how local men hunt and spend time away from their busy lives.

My father is a businessman. But when winter comes, he immediately changes his job position to a hunter. He has a snowmobile and two different rifles, which are diligently cleaned, fixed and prepared to go any time. The reason is that he should be ready to leave as soon as he receives a call from the countryside. Why wait for the call? Because my dad does not hunt only for the sake of leisure. Wolves attack people and cattle of villages, consequently they leave the inhabitants without their future food or source of money. So, my dad helps to destroy these harmers once their location is detected.img_4991

Sometimes he comes back with zero attempt to hunt due to the weather conditions. The best time is a clear weather after a snowstorm or a snowfall, since the footprints can be seen precisely. However, from time to time the snowstorm does not stop for weeks, so my dad and his friends hang out at strangers’ houses doing nothing and cannot even drive back home. (By the way, it is a Kazakh tradition to welcome the hunters if they are in the steppe and do not have a place to stay.)

So, as you understood, men in Kazakhstan take both leisure and aid for citizens together during the hunt season. In my opinion, wolf hunting is one of the few hobby types that allows people to feel like they have just contributed to the wellbeing of their fellows while enjoying the process itself. If you want to know more more about the process of hunting, stay tuned for the next post!img_4994