Wolf hunting as a hobby (part II)

img_4991In this post, I would like to explain more about the process of hunting according to what my dad has explained to me.

If the hunters are lucky enough, two or three wolves are dispatched as a result of a collaborative work. However, it is very hard even to entrap one, because these animals are very clever and know how to trick human beings. My dad told me some real-life situations he has faced while hunting. And I would like to share them with you. First, wolves know when people hunt with snowmobiles, which cannot go up to the rocky mountains or hills. So, if they know that you are on one of these, the wolves will hide there until hunters do not leave. Second, if the predator is tired, it will go deep under the snow and leave its nose only on the surface to be able to breath. Third, if there is an area of tall bushy grass, the wolf is going to lie on its back between them and leave its limbs straight up facing the sky. Fourth, if there is a wolf pack, the leader will grab the attention of hunters, maneuver them and sacrifice its own life to save the others. So, these are just a few examples out of plenty. And they make me amazed to know how intelligent these animals are.



Now, what does my dad do with a dispatched animal? He never left it for himself.   There is a tradition to leave it to the house owners who hosted you or to one of the people who hunted with you but did not get any prey. They can use wolf’s fat and gall for traditional medicine because of a strong healing power. The canine is used as a talisman. And the body of the animal can be transformed to an animal maquette.