Main wedding scenario

It is 6 a.m. in the morning and the bride is already up. Her nervous but at the same time excited mother jumps out of the bed after a sleepless night and opens the door to the hair and make-up artists.

Two hours later the bride sees herself in the mirror, of course, not totally satisfied with her look. But there is no time for redoing anything because the groom and the photographer are already waiting in an expensive hotel with a beautiful interior design. Continue reading “Main wedding scenario”


My family’s upcoming pre-wedding fuss (c) 2017

Kazakh people love celebrating special occasions, particularly weddings and birthdays. Rich people organize them to show off, whilst middle and lower income households take loans from banks and ask for help from relatives, so that everything is at a good level and they are not ashamed in front of the society.   Continue reading “My family’s upcoming pre-wedding fuss”

“Worth a visit” in Almaty (c)2017

Almaty is the largest city of Kazakhstan, also known as “southern capital”. It is my favorite city in the country where nature and urbanism are harmonically blended and create a special atmosphere. Even if I am a constant visitor of Almaty, I never get bored with it and would like to introduce a list of 10 places worth of visiting if you are planning to stop by this amazing city. Continue reading ““Worth a visit” in Almaty”

Triple G’s unbeaten streak remains intact (c)2017

Gennady Gennadyevich Golovkin, “Triple G” or “GGG”, is a professional boxer from Kazakhstan who has never been beaten in any of his 37 fights and holds the highest knockout ratio (92%) in the Middleweight Championship history. But 18th of March was a threatening date for his stellar career. Daniel Jacobs, aggressively announcing his readiness for the fight and confident in his potential victory, finally met GGG on the rink. Continue reading “Triple G’s unbeaten streak remains intact”

#YesSheCan (c)2017

Culture of Kazakhstan does not seriously perceive women as a workforce able to do the jobs of men. Gender stereotyping is still widely present and lots of time is required to destroy it.

People’s mentality still pictures a woman at home cooking, cleaning and looking after kids. However, on the threshold of International Women’s day UN-Women is going to organise a photo-fair called “#YesSheCan” in several cities of Kazakhstan. Continue reading “#YesSheCan”

Chinese fans going crazy over Kazakh singer (c)2017

In the previous post, I wrote about a young talented singer, Dimash Kudaibergen, who is currently participating in a singing contest in China. However, I did not explain how the Chinese audience greets him and does some crazy things for its idol. Continue reading “Chinese fans going crazy over Kazakh singer”

Why Kazakh audience recognizes Kazakh talents after they become famous abroad? (c)2017

Galymzhan Moldanazarov and Anatoliy Tsoy are young, talented  and famous singers now.  However, they were little-known in Kazakhstan a few years ago. The former became popular in Russia first. And the latter participated in Russian X-Factor and in 2015 won the music contest of one popular Russian producer. Only after that all the Kazakhs became aware of their existence. Same phenomenon is happening again. But this time in China. Continue reading “Why Kazakh audience recognizes Kazakh talents after they become famous abroad?”