Why Kazakh audience recognizes Kazakh talents after they become famous abroad?

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Galymzhan Moldanazarov and Anatoliy Tsoy are young, talented  and famous singers now.  However, they were little-known in Kazakhstan a few years ago. The former became popular in Russia first. And the latter participated in Russian X-Factor and in 2015 won the music contest of one popular Russian producer. Only after that all the Kazakhs became aware of their existence. Same phenomenon is happening again. But this time in China.

22-year-old Dimash Kudaibergen is currently participating in a Chinese singing contest called “I am Singer”. He is an art university student who has been performing on stage since his childhood. Despite this fact, little number of people heard of him. But after his first performance in “I am Singer”, Dimash created a furor in both China and Kazakhstan. He sang very popular French song called “S.O.S. D’un terrien en detresse.” And the audience of millions people was shocked. All the local and Chinese news were talking about him. Social media was full of his pictures and fan accounts. YouTube was quickly filling up with reaction videos from all over the world. His voice was heard by Lara Fabian who expressed a huge will to meet Dimash personally. And she was not the only celebrity willing to see him. Jackie Chan has already met with the young talent and they both had presents for each other; Dimash played the national instrument in front of him, whereas Jackie taught him some of his moves.

Lara Fabian’s conversation about Dimash’s voice.
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Lara Fabian’s congratulations to Dimash.
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Jackie Chan and Dimash. http://bit.ly/2mKKhYO (c)2017

Now, the very frequently asked question is “Why all the bright talents are recognized abroad?”. Later Kazakhs become extremely proud of their fellow countryman shining abroad after not having given recognition to those talents during so many years. Of course, it is very good that they are now known in more than one country. But imagine how many other talented people are out there who do not have an opportunity to travel to China or Russia and become famous after unsuccessful attempt to attain recognition in their own country. So maybe Kazakhstani TV industry should organize more talent shows, whereas producers should look better and always be aware of new faces.

If you want to know more about how Dimash is greeted by the audience in China, stay tuned for the next post!