Chinese fans going crazy over Kazakh singer (c)2017

In the previous post, I wrote about a young talented singer, Dimash Kudaibergen, who is currently participating in a singing contest in China. However, I did not explain how the Chinese audience greets him and does some crazy things for its idol.

Dimash is the youngest participant, only 22 years old, whereas others are 30+. Additionally, he is a foreigner there, who looks a bit different but still resembles an Asian man with a cute face. I believe that this fact- in addition to his amazing talent – has also played a key role in the fans’ endless and strong support.

There are hundreds of fan pages on social media. The number of comments in Chinese on his personal account prevails the ones in Kazakh. Fans use a special hashtag for him and created a fandom. Every time I watch his performance, I see girls screaming and crying from the very first second he starts singing because of their excitement and love for him. During fan meetings, women even in their 40s approach him in tears and take pictures hugging him. Personally, I was very shocked to see this kind of public reaction to the young singer. But this was just the beginning.

Dimash receives presents everyday. (c)2017

Some of the well-off fans rented digital billboards in the center of Beijing with the words of support. Some of them were even crazier. Whenever Dimash had a flight somewhere, they would buy all the business class tickets in order to sit next to him. Because of this, the singer decided to fly secretly without announcing the date and time of his flights. But this did not stop excited fans. They bought up tickets for several flights to a destination, so that they would not miss the opportunity to see him up close.

Well, the next thing made me even more shocked. Apparently, some fans opened a visa to Kazakhstan and travelled there with a specific purpose- to buy food that Dimash is used to eat at home. After they came back, fans cooked some Kazakh national dishes for him, including horse meat and puffy bread called “bauyrsak”.

Food brought and cooked by fans. (c)2017

So, as you can see, the Chinese audience is welcoming him very well, maybe a bit too much. A friend of mine from China says people are getting totally obsessed with Dimash. I just hope this would not cross the borders and threaten the lives of the fans and Dimash himself, because extreme obsession can sometimes end… sadly. But let us not think negatively and just be happy to see that Dimash’s talent is recognized and warmly greeted away from his home-country.