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Culture of Kazakhstan does not seriously perceive women as a workforce able to do the jobs of men. Gender stereotyping is still widely present and lots of time is required to destroy it.

People’s mentality still pictures a woman at home cooking, cleaning and looking after kids. However, on the threshold of International Women’s day UN-Women is going to organise a photo-fair called “#YesSheCan” in several cities of Kazakhstan. The purpose of this event is to expose impressive stories of Kazakh women who were able to succeed in man-dominating working spheres. One of the organisers said: “We also want to ease the level of gender stereotyping in our country. Because, to the best of our belief, we increase the quality of women’s lives, as well as men’s, their families’ and our country’s by providing more economic opportunities to women. However, we should encourage all the people of both genders, employers and government to put maximum effort to reach this goal.”

As a member of the Kazakhstan’s feminine community, I am very happy to see this small improvement towards destroying stereotypes, because I believe it is harmful since “its repetition naturalises it and makes it appear normal”1. Although, it has been naturalised in our society in the ancient times, hopefully gender stereotyping will be perceived differently by the growing generation.

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