Triple G’s unbeaten streak remains intact (c)2017

Gennady Gennadyevich Golovkin, “Triple G” or “GGG”, is a professional boxer from Kazakhstan who has never been beaten in any of his 37 fights and holds the highest knockout ratio (92%) in the Middleweight Championship history. But 18th of March was a threatening date for his stellar career. Daniel Jacobs, aggressively announcing his readiness for the fight and confident in his potential victory, finally met GGG on the rink.

To be honest, this must have been the toughest fight for Triple G, because he used to finish the bout before the last round. The atmosphere was very tense both in Madison Square Garden and in front of the TVs. Thousands of Kazakhs- who arrived in New York from different cities of US and Kazakhstan- were supporting the boxer throughout the tough fight and even exceeded in cheering for him more than the fans of Jacobs- who is, in fact, from Brooklyn – did. Jacobs fought his heart out, but Golovkin’s outstanding technique, hard and meticulous punches, balance, and methodical movement helped him to remain unbeaten.

The score difference at the end of the bout was insignificant. The only thing that helped Triple G was a knockdown in the fourth round. This made his fans frustrated. Why the owner of 23 consecutive knockout victories did not record the 24th one? Some people assume that he is testing himself on trying to fight throughout all 12 rounds. Others think that Jacobs, former WBA Middleweight world champion, was the strongest opponent he has ever had. And one of the public figures of Kazakhstan believes that it is just GGG’s spoiled fans who are used to see him winning and now disappointed due to unfulfilled expectation of prescheduled end of the bout. One man was so sure about Golovkin beating the opponent before even the 10th round, that he has bet almost $13,000 and lost them. (c)2017

Triple G’s greatest dream and goal for the nearest future is to obtain his 5th belt and become an absolute world champion. To reach this, he must defeat Billy Joe Saunders from Britain. The agreement for the bout is being prepared at the moment. However, the British boxer has already commented on his readiness to become Golovkin’s nightmare in their next fight, which is planned to take place in Kazakhstan this summer, during the EXPO-2017. Saunders believes that Triple G is old enough and feels confident about beating him down in Golovkin’s own motherland. (Quick fact: Golovkin has fought only one in Kazakhstan.) But even if he will not get his last desired belt and one day will be beaten, I would still respect him and consider as a hero of the whole Kazakh nation and the best boxer of his own generation.