Why this summer is the best time to visit Astana?

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Recently, I have been thinking about where to do the summer internship and decided to have it in Europe. Afterwards, I realized that I am going miss so many events, concerts and exciting things that will take place in Astana this summer… It made me sad. But I would be very happy to influence your decision to travel to our beautiful capital by bringing a short list of reasons.

  1. EXPO-2017. Yes, this is finally happening in such a young country. If you are curious about the future energy and technology, go get your tickets online and be ready to visit pavilions of over 100 countries. For more information and tour agencies, please visit the official website.
  2. Cirque du Soleil. First time in our country, this world-famous cirque will perform during the international exhibition EXPO-2017. So, if EXPO-2017 is not enough, then here is one more additional reason to come and enjoy Astana!
  3. Triple G fight. Finally, Gennady Golovkin is planning to conduct a fight in his homeland and, hopefully, another historical victory will be registered in Astana this time, not in New York City nor in London. His main sponsor is EXPO-2017. And that is why the boxer wants to fight at home during the exhibition and draw international attention to Kazakhstan.
  4. Dimash Kudaibergen and Lara Fabian. Two of my previous posts are dedicated to this extremely talented singer, Dimash, who won the second place in the Chinese contest called “I am Singer”. During the competition, some worldwide famous people have recognized his talent: Lara Fabian, Jackie Chan, sister of famous Daniel Balavoine and some others. This summer, during EXPO, Dimash will perform with Lara Fabian, who wanted to meet him in person, but at the end will sing with him! Also, famous brothers from Russia are going to be there to. And all of them will perform with Dimash. I anticipate the whole concert hall be full of Chinese fan girls of Dimash! So, get your tickets as soon as possible, because his fandom is crazy!

There are more events coming up. You can check them out here. I hope these four reasons will serve as the driving force for you to book a flight and a hotel room in Astana. Personally, I am very excited for this summer in the capital, even though I am not going to be there. But I am extremely proud of what my country has achieved so far and would like you to see it.

P.S. Keep in mind that visa regulations have changed for this year, so many countries became visa-free for entry. For the full list, click here.