7 reasons why horse meat is the BEST

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Horse meat. The most delicious meat in the WORLD. But at the same time, the best debatable topic I have ever heard of in my entire life is about this type of meat. Whenever I meet new people and we get to know each other closer, at some point they find out that Kazakhs eat it. And some people get very upset. One of my friends even started crying. Because she did horse riding… Oops! But if you are a rational person (and not an equestrian), then the facts that I will state below should turn you into a pro-horse meat.

  1. Rich source of protein. The horse meat is abundant in proteins than any other type of meet is (20-25%). And it is not just a protein. It is a full-fledged, high-quality one with balanced amount of amino acids. Because of these reasons, horse meat is highly recommended to those having liver and endocrine system related diseases.
  2. Low-calorie product. If you are on a diet, eat horse meat and do not feel guilty. Just make sure you do not eat ribs and intestines (yes, intestines; they are the most delicious!) because those are where all the fat is stored in the animal body.
  3. Easily digested fat. Unsaturated fatty acids have a huge role in the normalization of metabolism. For example, in overseas countries genetic selection is used to increase the quantity of unsaturated fatty acids in meat; hormones and artificial vegetable fats are also added. Why eat this artificialness when there is horse meat that has all these properties from nature?! And by the way, horse meat is digested only in three hours, whereas 24 hours is needed to digest beef!
  4. Bile-expelling effect. Since its fat is easily melted, the bile-expelling effect of horse meat is ten times more than of a beef (20% vs. 2-5%).
  5. Lipotropic effect. The lipotropic effect participates in normalization of fatty exchange and regulation of cholesteric exchange. It provides a safe movement of a cholesterol in an organism and is highly recommended to elder people. That is why my dad praises it, since he suffers from light obesity, liver problems. And horse meat is a must in his daily meal menu.
  6. Vitamins and minerals. Horse meat is abundant in vitamins B1, A, PP, E; and a relatively small and insignificant amount of vitamin C. As in all meat types, horse meat has calcium and phosphorus. But apart from those two, it is a source of sodium, magnesium, chlorine, potassium, iron, copper, zinc and cobalt. Some of them are present in doubled amount than they are in beef.
  7. Invigorates metabolism. In a horse meat, in comparison with beef, there are organic acids. They activate exchange process in stomach microflora. That is why people with stomach diseases eat it with double pleasure.

Some people may find the facts stated above reasonable, but still be convinced that it is not appropriate to eat the meat of a home animal. But guess what? We also drink their milk, our grandfathers used them for transportation (some people still do in villages) and their skin for dishes that could keep the drink cold or hot. Now, what about people who consume the flesh of pigeons or dogs? Do not want to offense anyone, but at least, horses do not eat bad food nor do they drink contaminated water compared to other creatures that consume their excrements, food waste or babies. Our ancestors knew centuries ago that horse meat is the healthiest. And the world is starting to admit that. A few years ago, Germans visited our country to learn more about horse milk and conducted research. As a result, they went back and started a new franchise in Germany, which allowed them to be the only ones to produce this healthy and healing drink.

This post turned out to be quite long and maybe a bit boring because of all terminology. But if you are reading this sentence, I hope my quick long insight to the benefits of horse meat made you start thinking about switching to the healthy side.

Eat horse meat, stay healthy!