Throughout the whole time I have been living abroad, 90% of people I met did not know about the existence of my country. I find it really sad when some individuals cannot even pronounce its name because they have never heard of it. But I totally understand those people and hence cannot judge them because, let me be honest, the majority of people who do not about Kazakhstan are from developed countries and do not care about the third world.

This fact made me start this blog about Kazakhstan through the eyes of a child born and raised in the steppes with nomadic past, but making huge steps to a brighter future. Our land is full of beautiful landscapes and historical places. Our Astana is the youngest modern capital in the world. So why not get acquainted with Kazakhstan through my blog? Maybe it will influence your decision to travel there, experience this beautiful country’s lifestyle and culture? Take into account that you will be more than welcome thanks to an immense hospitality of our nation!

P.S. I have found a very interesting podcast about travelling to Kazakhstan. Check it out by clicking here.

Header image credits: http://bit.ly/2kGKXOP