About me

My name is Aida. I am a 19-year-old student currently based in San Jose, California. Originally, I am from Kazakhstan. But after my 17th birthday, I decided to study business management in Barcelona, Spain. Since then my life has changed dramatically because I was not planning to study in West Europe, not even abroad. However, thanks to my parents, who believed in me, now I am on my way of pursuing my dreams.

I love travelling and I did that a lot while living in Spain. Also I am passionate about learning new languages and there I learnt two more, Spanish and French. So now I speak six (Russian, Kazakh, English, Turkish), although my ideal number for that is seven (Chinese).

Just like I have never dreamt about studying in Spain, having an exchange semester in America was something unbelievable till I landed to New York city. Finally, I started to understand what I want to do in the future since the American system allows to choose classes that really interest me. So, hopefully, the knowledge obtained in the USA would help a lot in my future career life.