The culture of Kazakh nation is very diverse, since we have a very rich history, including nomadic lifestyle, and over 130 ethnic groups living in our country. In this page I would like to briefly introduce you to our culture.

Kazakh people are very loyal to their traditions, which were formed centuries ago. From a person’s birth till his funeral, there are different customs that need to be performed. There are lots of traditions related to the children, several stages of Kazakh wedding, etc. Accordingly, hospitality is very important to Kazakh people and children learn it from their early ages looking at their parents welcoming guest with a huge respect and a rich table full of national dishes and delicacies. Kazakh cuisine is mainly associated with meat. The most delicious and, of course, expensive one is a horse meat. It is the most important ingredient of the main national dish called “beshparmak”, which is translated as “five fingers”. The reason for such name is that our ancestors used to eat it with their hands. And we still eat it like that. Also, “kymyz”, a fermented dairy product made from mare’s milk, and “shubat”, camel’s milk, are national beverages. They are very healthy and Germans have recently visited Kazakhstan to learn about benefits of “kymyz” in detail. Now, they are producing mare’s milk powder, fermented mare’s milk and mare’s milk cosmetics in their country.

A few centuries ago, Kazakh people, especially women, used to wear national costumes every day. There were different sets of clothing for each age range and family status. Nowadays, national costumes are worn on special occasions, e.g. New Year of Turkic nations, and for stage performances. (c)2017 (c)2017 (c)2017

National instruments are very important elements of Kazakh culture. Dombyra, kobyz, zhetigen- these are some of the authentic instruments of our nation, which create incredible tunes together in the orchestra. (c)2017

Different religions are practiced among the population. Islam (70%) and Orthodox Christianity (26%) are the main ones. In the urban architecture you will sometimes see mosques and churches located very close to each other, which indicated peace among all the people in our country despite their ethnicity and religion.

There are two main languages. Kazakh is the state language and Russian is recognised as the second official language, although the latter is spoken by 94% of the population, whereas the former by only 74%.

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