What is an Expo?

An Expo is a global event that aims at educating the public, sharing innovation, promoting progress and fostering cooperation. It is organized by a host country that invites other countries, companies, international organisations, the private sector, the civil society and the general public to participate. Due to the diversity of its participants, from top decision makers to children, Expos offer a multifaceted event where extraordinary exhibitions, diplomatic encounters, business meetings, public debates and live shows take place at the same time.

This year Astana is a host country of such a significant international event. It was chosen in 2012 after a secret voting among 152 countries. The capital of Kazakhstan has collected 103 votes, having left behind the main rival – the Belgian city of Liege.

The construction began in spring 2014. Total area of exhibition complex is 174 hectares. 35 buildings are planned to be built till June 2017. Approximately 100 countries will participate in the EXPO-2017 exhibition. In general, more than 2 million visitors. But according to the forecast each of them will visit the exhibition 2 times or more. Thus, total number of visits will make about 5 million. Presumably, 85% of total number of visitors will be citizens of Kazakhstan, and 15% – citizens of the foreign states, the majority of which will arrive from the CIS countries and China. A significant amount of tourists is also expected from Europe, Turkey and the USA. Because of that, our president, Nursultan Nazarbayev, has reported that as part of the complex it is planned to build 4 thousand apartments, new hotels, a congress hall, and other objects. This event will cost Kazakhstan approximately three billion dollars.

The topic of EXPO-2017 is “Future Energy”. So during 93 days of exhibition best developments in this field will be demonstrated in order to find out new sources of energy. Current energy issues of developing countries will also be discussed among leading world experts.

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In general, Astana is lucky to be hosting EXPO-2017, because it will be known among more people and also be the melting pot of new ideas for the sake of a greener Earth.

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