It is very hard to define a particular date when the Kazakh nation was formed. The reason is a common past of Turkic nations, which has a 4000-year-old history full of significant fights, betrayals, mergers, splits, etc. One of the important events before becoming united Kazakh khanate was a Mongolian invasion (XIII century), which postponed the process of integration and affected our appearance. According to what anthropologists say, Kazakhs looked like Europeans: tall, blond hair, blue eyes, wide eyes. But now the genetic trait is totally different because of this historical phenomenon.

In 1465 two men, Kerei and Zhanibek, finally got enough courage to get independent from a khan who was about to ruin the khanate. They moved with a few tribes and formed their own khanate in the current territory of South Kazakhstan,  and which later became known as Kazakh Khanate.

For a few hundreds of years, the khanate was prospering and its land was expanding dramatically. However, in 1726, khan of that times discussed with tribal chiefs about asking Russia for military help because there were several threats from west and south. They have decided to send the khan there and ask for help. However, the khan did everything differently. He went to Russian empress in 1731 and asked her to take one third of Kazakh khanate under Russia’s control. From this point Russians started invading our lands and fully occupied the whole territory in 1860.

So, in total 150 years were spent on losing the independence on our own precious land, which came through sweat, blood and tears of our ancestors.


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