Independent Kazakhstan

After the collapse of the USSR, Kazakhstan was the last of federal republics to declare its independence. That is why December 16 in 1991 was very significant date for our country. Turkey, the USA and China became first countries that recognised independence of the newly proclaimed republic. A year after Kazakhstan became the member of OSCE. Soon it was accepted in the United Nations. In 1993 Kazakhstan stopped using Ruble and introduced its national currency, Tenge. 5 years later new capital city-Astana- was assigned. In 2010 the summit of OSCE took place. During this prestigious international forum participants discussed many issues related to safety, security and cooperation in European continent.

As for today, Kazakhstan can be proud of its rapid development progress during only 25 years of independence. This year is very important for the republic because two more milestone international events are on the calendar. Sports event- Universiade 2017 and EXPO-2017. Check out my pages on these topics if you want to know more.