What is this giant transparent tent?

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If you ever visit Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan, I am 100% sure you will be amazed by the giant transparent tent in the heart of the city. It is an entertainment center called “Khan Shatyr,” which means “Royal Marquee.” This piece of art is 150 meters high and 140,000 square meters. So, what can you find and do inside this distinctive building? Continue reading “What is this giant transparent tent?”

Why this summer is the best time to visit Astana?

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Recently, I have been thinking about where to do the summer internship and decided to have it in Europe. Afterwards, I realized that I am going miss so many events, concerts and exciting things that will take place in Astana this summer… It made me sad. But I would be very happy to influence your decision to travel to our beautiful capital by bringing a short list of reasons. Continue reading “Why this summer is the best time to visit Astana?”