Did anyone say “Borat”? (part II)

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What about the reaction of Kazakhs to the scandalous comedy? Well, as we have many patriots, almost everyone was furious to be called a citizen of a country full of prostitutes, ugly, poor and uncivilized. However, minority did not care and, on the contrary, thought it is a good advertisement for our country. So did our first and for now last President, Nursultan Nazarbayev, think. Continue reading “Did anyone say “Borat”? (part II)”

Did anyone say “Borat”? (part I)

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Kazakhstan was not considered to be a real place and was little known across the world after its independency was announced back in 1991. However, since the British-American comedy film “Borat” by Sacha Baron Cohen was screened in Toronto film festival (September, 2006) for the first time, now every second foreigner immediately shouts out “Oh, Kazakhstan-land of Borat!” after having heard the country’s name. Continue reading “Did anyone say “Borat”? (part I)”