Kazakhstan is located in the center of Eurasia, spreading from Caspian Sea in the west to the heights of the Tien Shan in the south-east. Boundless southern steppes, mountains and lakes, the Great silk way and Baikonur Cosmodrome — all of these define Kazakhstan. Today the country offers a wide range of travelling options for tourists: informative excursion routes, ethnic and ecotours, and also treatment resorts, hunting, fishing and mountaineering.

Each region of Kazakhstan is different in terms of nature. The south has rich history and culture. You can find some pieces of medieval architecture like mausoleums. The north is full of rivers and lakes. Thus, recreational tourism is developed there. The nature of the east is going to astonish you, because its territory has nearly all kinds of landscape that can be found in Central Asia. Here one has an opportunity to see sandy deserted landscapes, clay canyons, classical steppes, mountain steppe landscapes, deciduous forests and taiga, alpine meadows and mountain peaks (max. 4500 meters above sea level). The picturesque Caspian sea represents a considerable interest for a potential tourist when traveling to the west of Kazakhstan.

In a nutshell, travellers have lots of options to experience the untouched nature of Kazakhstan: deserts, ancient cities, almost Alpine landscapes. If you want to know more and look for some tours, please visit the links I have provided in the blogroll located on the right sidebar.