South of Kazakhstan

Nature of South Kazakhstan is a treasure of the country. Within many centuries this territory was the place where roads and historical destinies of many tribes were crossed. Major part of Great Silk Way passed through this land. Now Southern Kazakhstan opens unique complexes of historical and architectural monuments for tourists.

First of all, the mountains are the main jewels of this region. Along its south-eastern border Kazakhstan is surrounded by the peculiar necklace of such mountain ranges as Altay, Saur, Tarbagatay, Dzungarian Alatau, and Tien Shan. The highest point of Kazakhstan, the Khan Tengri peak in the Central Tien Shan, is 7,014 meters high. From these mountains you can have picturesque views to mountain lakes and rivers. The most well-known ones are Big Almaty Lake, Kayindy and Kolsai. (c)2017
Big Almaty Lake (c)2017
Tien Shan nature (c)2017
Lake Kayindy (c)2017

Next thing to see is Charyn canyon, which is located 200 kilometres away from Almaty, close to the Chinese border. It is approximately 150 km long and up to 300 meters deep. Charyn is usually called “little brother of the Grand Canyon”.

Charyn canyon (c)2017
Charyn canyon (c)2017

Historical architecture is the main attraction in the south. Mausoleums, ancient settlements and burials, fortresses of the ancient cities are spread across the region and attract more and more foreign tourists every year. For example, the ancient city of Turkestan was the political, shopping and cultural center of the Kazakh khanate in the past. Moreover, 1500 year-old city was the place where sufism was flourishing during the 12th century. Now you can find  mausoleum of Kozha Ahmet Yassaui, Arystan bab and other significant to the Kazakh history architectural salvage.

Kozha Ahmet Yassaui (c)2017
Mausoleum of Kozha Ahmet Yassaui (c)2017

Overall, if you are planning to visit Kazakhstan, I would recommend stopping over in the southern region first. I am sure it will not leave you disappointed. On the contrary, anyone who visits it will leave Kazakhstan impressed and would like to come back.

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