7 reasons why horse meat is the BEST

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Horse meat. The most delicious meat in the WORLD. But at the same time, the best debatable topic I have ever heard of in my entire life is about this type of meat. Whenever I meet new people and we get to know each other closer, at some point they find out that Kazakhs eat it. And some people get very upset. One of my friends even started crying. Because she did horse riding… Oops! But if you are a rational person (and not an equestrian), then the facts that I will state below should turn you into a pro-horse meat. Continue reading “7 reasons why horse meat is the BEST”

Underground mosque attracting tourists around the globe

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If you are interested in visiting holy places of Kazakhstan, I would recommend the South and the West of the country. However, I would like to dedicate this post to the latter one, since it is less known among the tourists. Even among the locals. Continue reading “Underground mosque attracting tourists around the globe”

Employment: bitter truth

This topic is very painful, especially to youth of Kazakhstan. The government says: “Educated youth are our future”. But when it comes to employment after education, all the roads lead nowhere.

Let me explain everything clearer through the following example. The government has invested a lot in opening a new university, one of the best ones nowadays, named after our President. The faculty there is from overseas. The campus is huge and has all the facilities the students may dream about. And the tuition is FREE. The only thing you have to do is study hard for entrance exams. But those were not the real things that attracted prospective students. Continue reading “Employment: bitter truth”

The language issue: Kazakh vs Russian

Nowadays, language is one of the most important issues in Kazakhstan. Kazakh is an official state language, whereas Russian is also official, but its main purpose is to maintain communication between different nationalities of the country. However, today the government is very worried about the slow extinction of Kazakh speakers (74%) due to prevalence of Russian ones (94%). The main alarm is the fact that most people whose origin is Kazakh (63% of total population) do not speak their mother tongue. Continue reading “The language issue: Kazakh vs Russian”

What is this giant transparent tent?

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If you ever visit Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan, I am 100% sure you will be amazed by the giant transparent tent in the heart of the city. It is an entertainment center called “Khan Shatyr,” which means “Royal Marquee.” This piece of art is 150 meters high and 140,000 square meters. So, what can you find and do inside this distinctive building? Continue reading “What is this giant transparent tent?”